About Furrytail Bunny Rescue

We currently have over 170 bunnies who would love to have your help. Our bunnies are domestic animals that we found in parks and playgrounds. Most of them were abandoned by people who loved them when they first got them, but grew tired of caring for them and let them go into the wild. Unfortunately, domestic bunnies do not survive well away from the protected living quarters in homes and other indoor locations. We get calls and messages from people who have found a bunny, but do not know how to care for it or what to do with it. We were taking these bunnies in to our rescue, but for now our rescue is fully occupied.

We urge our visitors and volunteers to adopt a bunny or pair from our extensive population. We will train you on the essential things to know for have a bunny for a pet. Bunnies are wonderful pets for children and adults!